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Jits Technologies in computer education and training sector since 2000 with the unique mission in dedication to the quality. Our aim is to raise quality computer professionals with International Standard and model code to make them to cope up with International standards to achieve global Job Opportunities.

Our specialized Internship program “Softarch” ensures the fresh graduates, the right skill to work with the experts in new generation IT Industry...[read more]

Our Teaching team is in regular touch with contemporary developments in the field of Computer and Information Technology and updates the teaching mode regularly to meet the needs and demands of the industry. The course curriculum is designed to give equal importance in Theoretical knowledge and Practical skills. Our Time Management gives students to get ample time to work with computers.

Jits Technologies, Accredited to Oracle as Oracle University Partner Network, empowered to deliver various courses, packages, Learning Subscriptions and Exam Voucher for Oracle certified Exams

We are the Authorized Trainer of Telecommunications Consultants India Limited [TCIL-IT] under the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India.

The curriculum development team of Jits Technologies keeps regular touch with today's software industry and updates the course curriculum regularly to meet the latest demands. The courses are designed with equal importance to theoretical knowledge and practical skills, thus the students will get ample knowledge in their field.

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