Benefits of Oracle Certification Training

Millions of professionals around the world take online or in-person training courses through Oracle University. Each course is designed to maximize your understanding of how to get the most out of Oracle technology you use every day.

Training courses also prepare you to earn a well-respected Oracle Certification that increases your chances of getting hired. In fact, over 1.8 million working professionals have taken the time to study for and pass Oracle Certification exams that test and validate their technical knowledge. We offer specific training courses that increase your chances of passing related certification exams.

Oracle training courses will help you become more informed and more efficient so you can use Oracle products to drive measurable results. Get maximum ROI with your technology investment, stand out in a competitive global job market and increase your earning potential.

1. Growing demand in the industry

An Oracle Certifications is increasing at an incredible pace as the skills that make them attractive to hiring managers.

2. Stay Distinct by you

Oracle qualifications, offers an added advantage, especially when several candidates are competing for a single position. The certification adore to the potential employer that you, as a candidate to a productive employ as soon as you hit the floor.

3. Increase your visibility in the organization

Oracle certified Professionals increases visibility in their organization which is the basis of career advancement in any organization, owing to the recognition of their skills. The trained and certified professionals raise their visibility and awarded with the most rewarding and challenging opportunities.

4. Stepping stone to a successful career

Oracle qualification fortifies your solid understanding of the foundation skills in a given job role that you may apply at an apprentice level or entry level.

5. Credibility of job  

Oracle Certification will boost your industry credibility and your earning potential.

6. Secure Digital Badge

When you earn the certification you can exhibit your Oracle Certification badge to your social media profiles, such as – LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts.


  Survey on Indian professionals, with Oracle Certification

  •  Oracle certification helped them to efficiently accomplish the complex tasks.
  • Oracle certifications have enabled them to accomplish management responsibilities.
  • 84% of the surveyed students reported that their career prospects got enhanced.
  • 80% of the professionals said that there was an increase in their compensation. 

 Oracle Certifications Levels

  1. Oracle Certified Junior Associate.
  2. Oracle Certified Associate.
  3. Oracle Certified Professional.
  4. Oracle Certified Masters.
  5. Oracle Certified Specialist.
  6. Oracle Certified Expert.

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