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It is important for information technology industry to develop and create multiple web-based or server based applications to enhance the industrial competency. There is huge scope for this programming language. ... Hence, there are numerous jobs opportunities available in Java, J2EE combining with other new technologies. 

Intern Modules and Technologies

  1. OOPs Concept in C++
  2. Core Java  with  JDBC
  3. J2EE and Web Technology
  4. HTML, CSS, Ajax and JavaScript
  5. Spring and Hibernate
  6. Live project with Filezilla  

Live Hosting , Cpanel & WHM Management


Java Learning Subscription (Oracle University training kit, free software and exam voucher for Oracle JAVA International Certification)


  1. Internship certification in advanced JAVA/J2EE
  2. Oracle certified Java Associate or Professional

Weekend INTERNSHIP facility is also available for Professional Students and Working Professionals​​​​​​, those who like to upgrade their career.


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